Barbara Foster

If only this kind of test had have been available before, when I was trying to figure out the reason for my symptoms. It would have saved me from worrying and would also have saved me time.

Nicole Watson

The best thing about the 101 section is that it relates to real life - no useless information, non baffling scientific terms, just the tools I need to plan my next steps.

Donna Evans

At first, having insulin resistance was a shock for me. I had no idea what to eat and I thought 'I wouldn't be able to use the ingredients I used to enjoy. Now I’ve found out that I still can eat tasty food.

MediSapiens Ltd.

Marko Kuisma, Chief Commercial Officer

We decided to engage in the MIRA project because we saw that it can have a substantial impact on one of the leading global epidemics. Early detection of insulin resistance is of great interest, as it may enable timely interventions to prevent the development of diabetes and many other medical conditions. We believe that the MIRA app can make an impact and contribute to the prevention of these diseases.

MIRA is your personal diet coach that is available 24/7 making Insulin Resistance dieting effortless. We offer you tailored suggestions according to your individual needs, symptoms and habits. MIRA helps you follow your progress, log your reactions to certain ingredients and provides personalized recommendations to facilitate a healthy change in your diet.

Test yourself

Find out your personal risk of being insulin resistant with our prediagnostic tool.

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Ingredients, recipes and meal plans that we suggest incorporating into your diet.

Get inspired

Insulin resistance 101

Learn what it means to be insulin resistant and how to take the first steps towards a balanced lifestyle.

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Condition maintenance

Track your symptoms and additional health data that are important to manage your condition.


Your personal diet coach available 24/7 to support your diet changes and keep you motivated.

Have all the support needed in order to make the necessary changes regarding your diet. MIRA will guide you step by step throughout the process.

Hypo tracker

Find out the root cause of your hypoglycemic episodes. Log foods and ingredients to discover what should be avoided in the future in order to prevent such events.

Personalised Inspiration

Supporting you with a pocket library of personalised ingredients, recipes and meal plans considering your condition and preferences. The data is updating continuously based on the Hypo tracker, eliminating ingredients that are risky for you.

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